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The Little Bang Discovery Club ON Demand

Have fun with this interactive online program and learn how to be a good scientist! The Little Bang Discovery Club On Demand, is a four week collaborative science program where the child initiates and leads the discovery. This program is aimed at children aged 3 – 5 years old. Please see the list of items you will need below.

Session One: Sorting and Classifying

Session Two: Measuring
Session Three: Experimenting
Session Four: Science Fair


Here is a list of items that you will need to collect to participate fully in the program, a lot of these items you will already have at home:
Session One and Two: Sorting/Classifying and Measuring
• A selection of socks
• A collection of children’s toys for sorting
• Discovery Box Items:
o A box
o A pencil
o A notepad or paper
o A ruler
o A tape measure
o Four metres of string
o A couple of big rubber bands
o A couple of plastic cups
o A chopstick or a big spoon
o A lunch box or take-away container
o A couple of magnets
o A coat hanger (metal)
o A timer (e.g. on your phone or a clock with a second hand)

Session Three and Four: Experimenting and Science Fair
• Blue Tac or plasticine
• A couple of eggs or grapes
• A couple of balloons
• A glass
• A couple of cups (from the kitchen)
• A bowl
• A spoon
• ¼ cup of salt
• A picture from a magazine or newspaper

The Little Bang Discovery Club Online was created by the Children’s Discovery.

The Little Bang Discovery Little Bang Discovery Club YouTube Playlist.