Indyreads for
PCs & eReaders

Step 1   Set up and Login


In order to use Indyreads eBooks on your computer, or eReader you will need Adobe Digital Editions and an Adobe ID. If you do not have these yet follow the instructions here.


Click here to visit the Indyreads browser and select log in at the top of the page.  Select Blue Mountains Library in the drop down menu and type in your library card number barcode and pin (or password).

Step 2 Choose your language

Before you start to search in the browser choose your language preference under the language tab in the topic section on the screen.

Step 3 Search

Search, browse and discover the collection 24/7, by title, author or subject.  Many new items are displayed on the carousels on the home screen.

Step 4 Borrow

Click on your item choice, you have to click on it in order to display its details page. You can then either click on Preview, Borrow, or Place a hold on a title for later.

After clicking on Borrow, you can choose how to read the book.  (You can also go to the Checkouts screen to do this step)

Step 4 Download


When you choose the arrow dropdown next to Read you'll see the option 'Download for Adobe Digital Editions'.  Click on this and open file in Adobe Digital Editions and your book is ready to enjoy!

To transfer to your eReader device, connect the device to your computer and transfer the eBook.

Please Note: If you simply click on the Read tab or you choose the other dropdown option you will be taken to another page where the book will be displayed in Nubereader, an online reading service from the State Library of New South Wales.  You can read your book this way but you will need to be connected the the internet as it is a streaming service.



From your PC audios can be heard in streaming…

To locate a desired audio, you can also narrow down the search to audiobooks, search for the desired resource, and borrow it to listen.


Step 5 Enjoy and revisit

Enjoy bestselling eBooks and eAudiobooks from Australian and international authors. We’re always adding new titles, so visit often and make the most of your library membership.