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First Peoples

Asgard Swamp
Asgard Swamp

Aboriginal people have lived in the Blue Mountains for many thousands of years. The region incorporates significant parts of the traditional lands of the Gundungarra and Darug tribal groups. The Blue Mountains Library acknowledges the important histories of the traditional owners of the Blue Mountains region and the relevance of those histories to the Blue Mountains identity.

The Aboriginal Knowledge Collection

The Aboriginal Knowledge Collection has been developed to provide Aboriginal knowledge based material by, as well as about, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Aboriginal Knowledge Collection ensures appropriate content and perspectives in materials and recognises the intellectual and cultural property of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as owners of their knowledge.

The library collection contains many titles on Indigenous Australians. Not all these titles are held in the Aboriginal Knowledge Collection. Please ask a librarian if you need help researching a topic.

Grinding Grooves, Kings Table
Grinding Grooves, Kings Table Cave Hotel
The Cave Hotel, Mount Tomah

For further information about Indigenous Australians in the Blue Mountains and further afield, explore the following websites and articles.