“There is no “beginning” and no “end”... No matter where you begin, someone else has brought the story to that point; no matter where you end, someone takes over from you and carries it on. All you can do is record a fragment of human experience - anywhere, anytime, for every moment gathers in the past and propels the future.”

Eleanor Dark – The Little Company

Pictorial Blue Mountains

Step into the past with the Blue Mountains City Library Image collections. These images are held for further use and as a record of past events.

Blue Mountains Image Library

This collection contains over 4,000 digitised photos. All images are available for non-commercial private use, providing Blue Mountains Library is acknowledged in the photo caption. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission from Blue Mountains City Library or the copyright holder. If you wish to obtain a digital scan of any of the images please contact the Library at bmlibrary@bmcc.nsw.gov.au. If you wish to use the image for commercial purposes you will need to provide details of intended use.

Local Studies Images on Flickr

Here you will find selected high resolution images from our collection. You will find over 700 images which we think are useful, interesting, quirky, historically significant, possess artistic merit, or we just want to know more about. Feel free to comment and add more information if you wish. Contact the Library directly with any enquiries. The majority of these images are available under a Creative Commons, Share Alike licence, with Attribution (CC-BY-SA) to Blue Mountains City Library. Please send us a link to the image as used or a copy of the publication. If you have any older Blue Mountains photos, albums or other historical material you would like to donate to the library collection, contact us at bmlibrary@bmcc.nsw.gov.au.

A woman and five children The Falls, Govett's Leap Verso of Hydro postcard, Souvenir Menu Easter 1931