Phonic Kits

Produced by SPELD SA these kits systematically teach the relationship between letters and their sounds.

Reading can be taught to anyone at any age. The challenge is often to provide the learner with suitable texts that they can read independently from the start. The philosophy behind the kits is that a person should never be asked to read something that is too hard for them. To facilitate this, kit 1 includes just six letters (‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘i’, ‘p’ and ‘n’), and one or two special words such as, ‘the’ and ‘a’. Each kit is identified by the highest group of letter-sounds included. Thus, books in kit 2 include the letter-sounds in kit 1 and 2 and kit 6 books may include letter-sounds from kits 1-6. Therefore, we recommend borrowing the kits in sequence.

In each book, there are instructions for blending sounds in the text, and games to provide practice in reading the special words automatically. While the book text is limited, each kit includes questions to encourage readers of different ages and backgrounds, to relate the content to their own knowledge and experience. The aim of the questions is to open up avenues for sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences through a conversation between parent and child.

SPELD SA Phonic Book kits can be reserved and borrowed on your library card. You can view and place holds on available kits using the button below.

The kits can also be viewed and downloaded from the SPELD SA website.

For more information, please contact your Library!