Reading changes lives and it's never too early to start

Learning To Read

We believe reading changes lives, and it's never too early to start. We have resources to help your child discover a love of reading with the right book at the right time.

Eary Learning Kits

Learn to Read

Designed for children under 5 these kits will help you engage with your child to develop a love of books. Each kit contains a book along with a related item such as a puppet, rhymes, a percussion instrument or a music CD.

Phonic Kits

These kits systematically teach the relationship between letters and their sounds. Each kit provides instructions for blending sounds in the text, games to provide practice and suggestions for how parents can get the most out of the resources.

Early Readers

Early Readers have been levelled to help children grow in their reading. Our collection of Early Readers offers a variety of narratives and subject matter. Does your child love animals? Search our catalogue to find an Early Reader right up your child's alley!

Learn to Read

Chapter Books

Does you child just want to read a 'real book'? We have hundreds of books for children but if your child is still struggling we recommend the following series:

Zac Power by H. I. Larry
Billie B. Brown by Sally Rippin
Hey Jack! by Sally Rippin
Ella & Olivia by Yvette Poshoglian
Tashi by Anna Fienberg
Viking Vik by Shoo Rayner
Pearlie by Wendy Harmer
Maxx Rumble by Michael Wagner

Read and Listen

These kits include the same story as both a book and an audio CD, allowing children to listen to someone reading out loud what they are reading on the page. Hearing the sounds of spoken language while pairing those sounds with the printed word helps struggling readers to better focus on the meaning rather than simply trying to decode text.