For HSC specific sites, see the HSC category.
  • My School
    My School enables you to search the profiles of almost 10,000 Australian schools. You can locate statistical and contextual information about schools in your community and compare them with statistically similar schools across the country
  • NSW Board of Studies
    Provides a broad range of education resources for grades K-12, with good links to other Web sites containing educational resource material. 
  • Open Universities Australia
    Open Universities Australia is owned and partnered by seven Australian Universities and courses are developed by 18 academic providers. This site provides information about what you can study, a one-stop registration service and advice and support to assist you with your study. 
    TAFE NSW official homepage with information on courses, enrolment, campuses, etc. across the state. 
  • The NSW UAC Guide
    The Universities Admissions Centre (NSW and ACT) Pty Ltd (UAC) is the central office that receives and processes applications for admission to most undergraduate degree, advanced diploma and diploma courses, as well as a number of postgraduate courses, at participating institutions. This webpage offers information about courses, enrolment, HECS and more.